Things To Know Before Checking Into A PG

Paying Guest Accommodation is a business that involves the lives of thousands of tenants. Yet, PG accommodations have remained relatively free from the jurisdiction of the city’s civic body. Strictly speaking, a lot of the properties are not rented or leased out properties; neither do they qualify as PGs. They are surely not serviced apartments, hotels or lodges but have qualities that make them very similar to all of the above, yet not the same. This is where Zolo outdoes other accommodations. Zolo is striving to introduce a systematic process that is beneficial to both the seeker and provider. Zolo plans to bring forth a system that is advanced and conform to social responsibilities and ethics in an uncharted business environment. The company plans to do so by fixing up certain aspects of the trade –

Legal Agreement That Benefit Residents:

PGs owners often do not provide a legally binding agreement to tenants, which basically means that the tenants are at the mercy of the PG owners. They have a complete monopoly over various aspects like, for example, tenants can be asked to vacate the property without any prior notice. Zolo, on the other hand, makes sure that the clients are briefed, and provides a detailed agreement that protects the interest of the parties involved.

Security Deposit Terms:

As a result of faulty agreements, PG owners get to dictate how much of the security deposit/advance money will be returned. Zolo makes sure that this unfair practice is avoided. The security deposit amount is returned on departure without any deduction, under the condition that the room doesn’t look like a set for the next ‘Hangover’ movie.

One Time Charge:

Maintenance fees are often charged on a regular basis in various PGs. In Zolo, a one-time charge of Rs.1000/- is initially levied, when booking a room, as maintenance fee. Beyond that no unnecessary charges are added, thus benefiting the residents in the long run.

Notice Period Of 30 Days:

Moving houses is considered as stressful as being in a bad relationship. Hence, a timeline of thirty days is a prerequisite. This makes it easy for the residents to cope with stress once they have initiated the process to vacate room via the Zolo app. With thirty days in hand, customers can easily look for an alternative without much of a hassle thus making the process of shifting easier. The other benefit of implementing such a notice period is that it helps the business by making sure the rooms are not left empty or overbooked due to miscommunication.

Zolo as a company is taking conscious efforts to make sure this burgeoning business benefits residents by being as transparent as possible and providing them with top-notch services. After all, every business is built on trust and for trust to thrive, customers must be valued.


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