PGs Near Amazon Offices In Bangalore

There are two Amazon offices in Bangalore. One of them is located in Yeshwantpur, while the other one is in Doddanekundi.

Doddanekundi is near to an IT hub so the cost of living is a bit on the higher side. Food and other expenses being constant, you have to pay Rs.14000 for 2 BHK and Rs.8000 for 1 BHK. If you try PGs, it is far more economical than flat rooms as most PG rooms start at Rs.5000 with tons of services available like round the clock services, security, free Wi-Fi, meals, and so on.

The Amazon office in Doddanekundi is just 20 minutes away from Marathahalli. There are loads of PGs in Marathahalli. Some of the best are listed below –

PGs in Marathahalli –

The cost of living in Yeshwantpur is relatively cheaper. You can easily get a 2 BHK room within a rent of Rs.12000. If you opt for 1 BHK, the rent drastically reduces to Rs.7000. The price of PG rooms remains basically the same i.e. Rs.5000. Here are some suggestions for PGs in Yeshwanthpur

PGs in Yeshwanthpur

Living close to the office saves a lot of time and is really economical. So if you are work in any of the stated Amazon office, and looking for a PG nearby, try the listed PGs.

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