PG for Girls in Bangalore

If you are new to Bangalore, it is recommended that you opt for a PG and not an independent flat or room in the initial months. This is so because it is not only a safer option but also an economical one. Plus, as you do not have much of a knowledge about the city, finding the right place would be a difficult task. Once you are familiar with the city, you can look for your desired crib.

Advantages of living a Girls PG are –

  1. There is no brokerage involved
  2. The amount of security deposit is low
  3. There is basically no lock in period
  4. Provides various services within the cost of rent
  5. PGs are highly secure
  6. Located in prime areas

Disadvantages of living in a Girls PG are –

  1. A lot of PGs have set a curfew after 11 PM i.e. residents should be back within the said time
  2. The food menu is usually limited but you have the choice of not opting for meals

To make looking for PGs in Bangalore an easy process, you can try rental classified websites. These rental apps and sites are a great source of information on rental PGs/Flats.  Some recommended apps/sites are –

A company like Zolo provides properties with tons of services like free Wi-Fi, round the clock housekeeping, security, daily meals and so on within the price of rent. Also, they have rooms in various localities. So you could look them up for a start.

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