PG Accomodation in Bangalore

If you are not in Bangalore while hunting for the house, things could get tricky. Most ads/agents will project the house as a palace on earth and the reality could be a stark contrast.

You could start googling “house for rent” in whatever location you prefer. Ideally, stick to a 5 Km radius of your office or college. Otherwise, you’ll spend more time in traffic than you spend at office or college. This is not a joke, Bangalore traffic does live upto its reputation almost every single day.

If you are a fresher, we recommend that you make friends at work and ask if anyone wants to rent a flat, or rent a room in a PG by yourself. In case you choose the first option, your friends and you can rent an unfurnished apartment and rent household appliances and furniture. Be informed though, the initial cost will be high. If you rent a flat,  you need to pay a deposit worth 5 months rent. Plus, if you seek the help of a broker, you would incur more costs. 

In case you have a limited budget, you can opt for PGs. There is no broker charge involved and the amount of security deposit is low. To top that off, PGs provide various services like free Wi-Fi, round the clock housekeeping, security and so on. All these facilities are provided well within the rent.

So decide for yourself what’s feasible for you. For a start, you could check out apps like Zolo, Olx, and Quikr for PGs and flats.

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