Is It Difficult To Find a Single Occupancy PG In Bangalore?

It is not as difficult as it may seem if planned well. It would be wise to book a room online through various online rental sites or apps. For example, apps like Zolostays, Quikr, and OLX  are really helpful. Limit rummaging for a PG to the internet; do not go out venturing into the city looking for a room as it is very laborious.

The online process may make you a bit skeptical initially, but rest assured most PGs are well managed. They basically provide everything that’s necessary, making life a bit free from stress. They have services like round the clock housekeeping, security, daily meals, Wi-Fi and so on. The rent is close to Rs.7ooo for single occupancy rooms and Rs.4000 or more for double or triple sharing rooms in most PGs. Considering the services the facilities provided, it’s a fair deal.

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